Our Mission and Purpose
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Bernard Korbam - Managing Director

Bernard Korbman
Managing Director

Advocacy Consulting Group is an Australian foundation dedicated to promoting human rights in all areas of life through education within community.

Mission Statement

The Advocacy Consulting Group is dedicated to fostering an understanding of human rights as they apply to our daily lives and to developing a personal and collective sense of responsibility in all forms of human endeavour within the Australian community.

Statement of Purpose

  • To promote an understanding of human rights and equal opportunity legislation as it applies throughout the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • To promote the language and vocabulary of human rights within the Australian community so that political, economic and social debate will be informed.
  • To promote values and ethical behaviour based on human rights and equal opportunity legislation according to specific needs and conditions through specifically tailored and individualised education programs.
  • To promote the dignity of all human beings through a shared sense of 'duty of care' and responsibility for one another.
  • To demonstrate that ethical behaviour in any human enterprise whether business, work, sport and recreation or community work, will enhance desired outcomes and profits.
  • To resolve conflicts related to all forms of human rights issues through specifically designed structures to fit the enterprise and/or community in need.
  • To empower communities and enterprises to develop pathways to deal with human rights concerns by cultivating the necessary skills needed by key personnel and stakeholders to engage in a conflict resolution process.